FreeSpirit PWDF259 Marquesas-Plume-Aqua puuvill


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100% puuvill, laius 114cm
FreeSpirit disainerkangas - Dena Designs Marquesas-Plume-Aqua
√ēhem puuvillane kangas voodipesuks, lapit√∂√∂ks, suver√Ķivasteks jm.
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Inspired by warm breezes, tropical foliage, and the charm of French Polynesia, the Marquesas collection from Dena Designs transports you to the beautiful gardens within the South Pacific. The lovely hand-painted birds, leaves, and florals mixed with regal scroll work and motifs compliment one other beautifully, making this collection a new modern classic.
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FreeSpirit PWDF259 Marquesas-Plume-Aqua puuvill 1m 6 13.99 EUR
FreeSpirit PWDF259 Marquesas-Plume-Aqua puuvill RULL 1 72.12 EUR

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